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Learning for a Better World

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Get involved & help transform poverty into opportunity.

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 A kite without a string is meaningless. A door without a latch is useless. A lock  without a key is pointless. In the same way, a child without knowledge has no substance. Giving for education is the highest donation.

 Mav Dimple Navin, LBW Trust Scholarship Alumni, Mumbai

About Learning for a Better World

Learning for a Better World (The LBW Trust) believes that everyone deserves an education, every student deserves an opportunity to realise their potential, and to create their own future. Together, we can transform poverty into opportunity, allowing our students to Learn for a Better World.


We draw on the generosity of Australians to provide transformational educational opportunities for young men and women in the developing world. With your support, our hope is that, when they graduate, these young men and women will have the opportunity to play an important part in improving the future of their communities and nations.


The LBW Trust is batting for change. We hold cricket related fundraising campaigns and events to support the tertiary students.


Women for Change engages women in philanthropy to fundraise for tertiary education of young women. 

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Learning for a Better World supports tertiary and vocational education projects in India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Indonesia and Nepal. By working with reputable NGOs in these countries we are able to support students transform their lives through education. 

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Donate now & help make a difference transforming poverty into opportunity
Bangalore India.jpg
$50 - India

Your donation will fund the College entry fees for one of the most vulnerable, aspiring students in Orissa, India.  In Orissa, 57% of the population live below the poverty line, earning less than $1.90 per day.

Sri Lanka.jpg
$200 - Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the public university education system is free. However, thousands of disadvantaged students are unable to enrol due to the cost of boarding fees and other incidental expenses.

PHO_Girls_from the right_Sadaf_Yasamin_Sahar.JPG
$100 - Afghanistan

You can spark a positive change for some of the most powerless young people in Afghanistan. Your support enables a deserving orphaned student the opportunity to attend university in a safe and secure learning environment.

Fwd LBW Trust BFC rooms complete and in action Attachment IMG_0969.JPG
$500 - Nepal

In Nepal, we are building a generation of well-educated teachers who are passionate about learning, creating a ripple effect of educational uplift.

$150 - Kenya

80% of Maasai girls in rural Kenya leave school and are married by the age of 12. Your donation will provide young Maasai women with books and materials while they complete their tertiary education that will change their future and the future of their communities.

Tanzania - So They Can 13.JPG
$1,000 - Tanzania

In the Babati District of Tanzania, less than 5% of students complete secondary school. Your donation enables intern teachers to gain practical classroom experience and develop competencies in lesson preparation and delivery in a year-long course.

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Help make a difference transforming poverty into opportunity.

A quality education has the power to transform societies in a single generation, provide children the protection they need from the hazards of poverty, labour exploitation and disease, and give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to reach their full potential.

Audrey Hepburn