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About Us

Learning for a Better World (The LBW Trust) believes that everyone deserves an education, every student deserves an opportunity to realise their potential, and to create their own future. Together, we can transform poverty into opportunity, allowing our students to Learn for a Better World.


We draw on the generosity of Australians to provide transformational educational opportunities for young men and women in the developing world. With your support, our hope is that, when they graduate, these young men and women will have the opportunity to play an important part in improving the future of their communities and nations.

By partnering with reputable and well-established NGOs and educational institutions in cricket-playing, developing nations Learning for a Better World works to allow impoverished students the opportunity to receive a tertiary or vocational education. Partner NGOs recommend projects to our Education Committee. Proposals are reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors. Once a project is approved, formal funding agreements are exchanged setting out the project's goals, time frame, use of funds and reporting requirements including social impact and key performance measures. 


We believe that education empowers people and can change lives for the better, not only by providing hope for the individual and their family, but by becoming a vehicle for change in their communities and countries.​

We fundraise through charitable donations, the LBW Trust Annual Dinner, Batting for Change Corporate Cricket events, and Women for Change fundraising events and campaigns. These activities draw on the support of Australians; in particular the cricketing community, our Board of Directors, Committee Members, Patrons, and Ambassadors. 


You can contribute to one of our projects and help to level the global playing field in education by donating today.

Education in the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

We Need Your Support Today!

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