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Women for Change Mobile Phone Recycling Project

You can help the planet and educate Kenyan girls simply by donating your mobile phones or tablets.


With your help, we can recycle and re-purpose devices donated by individuals, schools, universities and businesses, raising funds to provide vital education for Kenyan girls.


We accept all mobile phones, tablets and associated accessories in any condition.


Friday 3 December 2021

Batting for Change Corporate Cricket Challenge

The 2021 Batting for Change Corporate Cricket Challenge will again take place at St Joseph's College Hunters Hill. 

8 Corporate Teams will take on the challenge to be 2021's winners. 

The funds raised by this event will support The LBW Trust's partners, providing tertiary and vocational opportunities across communities in India, South Africa, Tanzania, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka & Afghanistan. 

You can support one of our Corporate Teams with their fundraising.

*subject to Covid-19 restrictions


Sunday 6 February 2022

National Backyard Cricket

National Backyard Cricket is a community event to raise funds to level the global playing field in education. We believe Australians can come together to create transformative educational opportunities for disadvantaged young men and women in cricket-playing nations.


The official date is Sunday 6th February 2022, but you can host your Backyard Cricket Game anytime that works for you.

Every dollar you raise will help fund Batting for Change’s education initiatives in country libraries around Australia and the world in cricket playing nations to level the playing field in education.


Everyone deserves an education, every student deserves an opportunity to realise their potential, and to create their own future. Together, we can transform disadvantage into opportunity, allowing our students to Learn for a Better World.


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