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Workplace Giving

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.

B.B. King


Get Involved in Workplace Giving

  1. If you have a Workplace Giving Program, choose The LBW Trust. If we're currently not in your system, please add us.

  2. If you do not currently have a Workplace Giving Program, contact us and we will help you set one up. 

Collecting Money

Add us to Your Corporate Matching Program

If your company has a corporate matching program, add The LBW Trust and double the donations by supporting education projects in cricket playing countries around the world. For more information, please email us.

Business People Mingling

Host an Event

Dedicate your corporate holiday party, school talent show, bake sale, car wash or art fair. 

Organise a cricket game, dinner party, movie night, BBQ, board game tournament or Christmas party. The possibilities are endless!


Enjoy an event  with colleagues knowing that together you're providing quality education and so much more to vulnerable students around the world.


After the event, donate the proceeds online or via EFT.


T10 National Backyard Cricket Tournament

The LBW Trust invites you to join our T10 National Backyard Cricket Tournament For a donation of $10,000 per team.


The T10 National Backyard Cricket Tournament will consist of 6 teams in 2 pools playing over 2 grounds.


All day BBQ and drinks


Complimentary food and bar from 16:30


All spectators are asked to donate to National Backyard Cricket.


Parking available


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