An update on the Kakenya Center for Excellence Scholarship Program, from Dr Kakenya Ntaiya

The first 26 girls to enrol in the Kakenya Center for Excellence boarding school will finish secondary school in November this year. We have more than 100 other girls in our Network for Excellence program, which provides scholarship, mentorship, and counselling to our secondary school students. In April 2017, the Network for Excellence girls attended a successful camp session covering a wide variety of topics and providing them with continued social and academic support from KCE. Camp sessions were led by eight Kenyan university students, who have been mentoring our girls throughout their high school years. Tutors also helped the girls with holiday school assignments, especially in math,

An update from CandleAid Sri Lanka, from Jonny Vaux and Sam Quinn, friends of The LBW Trust.

We had an amazing visit to CandleAid on March 18th, 2017. The organisation's main focus is educational scholarships. They aim to cast a wide net in terms of the students they support, expanding their reach across Sri Lanka. Tertiary education is free in Sri Lanka, so the scholarships provide funding of around $16 per month for additional expenses incurred by the students. These expenses can range from accommodation, to food or loan repayments for educational resources. One student, Janitha, gave an example of how he's studying computer science and using the scholarship to pay off a laptop. The students are supervised by a local coordinator, who meets with them regularly and also account for

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