Young graduates from Kakenya's Centre of Excellence look ahead to further tertiary education sup

Some wonderful photos of the class of students graduating from the Kakenya Center for Excellence. Dr Kakenya Ntaiya is giving these women the platform to stand on her shoulders, to dream big, and to achieve anything they set their minds to. "These girls were the first class at the Kakenya Center for Excellence" says Dr Kakenya Ntaiya " They have been on this journey with me and I could not be more proud of them. They have grown into incredible young women, and today they began their final high school exams. Good luck to all of you, believe in yourselves and your knowledge! Everyone at Kakenya's Dream is so proud of you and we know you will succeed in your exams and beyond! We can not wait to

Save the date for the Annual LBW Trust Dinner at the SCG - February 24th, 2018

The LBW Trust's Annual Dinner is set for Saturday February 24th, 2018 so please SAVE THE DATE Regarded as the finest cricketer New Zealand has ever produced, the 2018 Dinner will see cricketing legend Sir Richard Hadlee in conversation with Mike Coward, AM. along with other entertainment and special guests on the evening. The proceeds of this event will support The LBW Trust's vision to level the global playing field in education. There will be more details to follow but in the meantime if you would like to help support, sponsor or reserve a table please contact Lizzie at #SavetheDate #AnnualDinner #SirRichardHadlee #SydneyCricketGround

The LBW Trust helps make a difference in Tanzania with a teachers trainee program

The So They Can Trainee Teacher Practice Project introduces the Trainee Teachers to, and gives them the exposure into, the experiences of the real teaching world. It also provides student teachers with the opportunity to integrate the theory of education with that which they are experiencing first hand. Trainee Teachers who participate in teaching practice early in their period of study build confidence and competence in lesson preparation, which translates back to their own study. A flow on benefit in the skill development of the teachers in the program schools. The presence of the Trainee Teachers provides an in service training opportunity for the existing teachers who are exposed to new

The LBW Trust visits So They Can in Tanzania

This time last month I was still in Babati, a bustling market town three hours south of Arusha (the stepping off point for climbs of Mt Kilimanjaro and safaris in Tanzania). As first time visitors to Africa we’d already experienced the eye opening wonders of a week long safari. In Babati our Tanzanian experience was immeasurably enriched through the involvement with the So They Can team. As the Education Director of the LBW Trust I was visiting the So They Can Project in Tanzania to witness at first hand the impact that this project was having in this rural, subsistence farming area of the country. In addition, I was in the enviable position of being able to contribute to the project in my p

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