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Students Begin University and Computer Centres in Sri Lanka

Updated: Jan 3

BBL05 donations are helping change more than 600 lives

Thanks to the generosity of BFC supporters, 500 women who have grown up in poverty in Mumbai begin their life-changing university education this month! Their exam and tuition fees will be subsidised by The LBW Trust using funds raised in the BBL05 Batting for Change campaign.

Studying for Bachelor's degrees in arts, commerce or science, these students join the previous cohort of 500 students supported by our BBL04 campaign, who have now progressed to second-year university.

In our Sri Lankan initiative, 100 women from disadvantaged backgrounds across the island have recently been awarded scholarships by the Foundation of Goodness, in partnership with The LBW Trust, to commence their tertiary education. The scholars were recently awarded at a ceremony in Seenigama.

“I can only feel the absolute joy of having participated in this meritorious activity which is hard to explain. May all of you involved in this noble mission be blessed in abundance and go from happiness to happiness.” Kushil Gunasekara, Founder, The Foundation of Goodness, Sri Lanka.

Batting for Change XI funds equip new technology centres in regional Sri Lanka

In October 2015, with assistance from Harvey Norman and YourTutor, $30,000 was raised at Barker College during the inaugural Batting for Change XI match between the Barker College First XI and the invitational BFC XI. This money was used to create computer technology classrooms in 5 locations across Sri Lanka, providing transformative opportunities not only to the students in the region but to their wider families and communities.

Junior Changemakers

In February 2015, we were thrilled to announce our Inaugural Junior Changemaker, Isabella Fitzgibbon. Isabella is a Sydney 1st Grade player for Gordon Women’s District Cricket Club and a member of the U18 Cricket NSW Academy (Central Coast/Newcastle). For every boundary she hits this year, Bella will be raising money and awareness for the Batting for Change BBL06 campaign.

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