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The LBW Trust 11th Annual Golf Day and Dinner

Updated: Jan 2

A clear blue sky day greeted the 96-strong field of golfers at the Annual LBW Trust Golf Day.

With 24 teams assembled to take on the Roseville Golf Club, it was always going to be competitive, and it was no surprise that many of the golfers took advantage of Peter O’Malley’s shot on the 12th hole.

Peter was generous in imparting his golf knowledge and the golfers were keen to linger and talk to Peter about his golfing life. If that was not enough there was more advice on the 4th hole from seniors pro Guy Wall, and again on the 18th hole with the local knowledge from Roseville professional Scott Spence.

It was encouraging to see an increase in the number of woman golfers participating this year and the Ambrose format helped even out the teams. The women were well represented in the prizes with Deb Danielson winning the straightest drive and Jane Anne Dempsey nearest the pin on the 4th hole.

Other winners included Ben Hoper on the 8th and Paul Betar on the 15th. Longest drive belonged to John Glasheen for the men and Bec Hall for the ladies.

Once the golf was completed, and prizes awarded, it was a quick refreshment before a change and into dinner. Hosted by Shannon Byrne from ABC Grandstand, the room was keen to hear from golf pro-Peter O’Malley and his life on the tour. Chloe Dalton and her Olympic gold medal for Rugby Sevens in Rio also provided insight into her fantastic win and what it took to get there. Overall, the Annual LBW Trust Golf and Dinner was a resounding success. Chairman David Vaux addressed the room and reminded everybody of the value of their support in the continual education of young people in attaining tertiary education qualifications.

At last count, The LBW Trust is actively helping over 2300 students in impoverished countries across the globe.

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