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BBL06 is LIVE!

The Batting for Change BBL06 campaign is now live! From December 13, we are inviting members of the public to make a pledge, large or small, for every six the Sydney Sixers hit during this summer’s Big Bash competition. This summer, we’re raising funds for 3 incredibly important projects in cricket-playing nations:

In early 2016, LBW Trust Chairman David Vaux stumbled across the exceptional story of Dr Kakenya Ntaiya. A Maasai woman of Kenya, Dr Ntaiya made an incredible bargain, at the age of 7, not be married by 12, and to undergo female circumcision, in exchange for an education. After an incredible journey, Dr Ntaiya received her PhD from the University of Pittsburgh, and founded a school in Kenya, where more than 200 young women are receiving an education, without having to ever experience the consequences of Kakenya’s bargain. The first of these students will graduate high school at the end of 2017, and Batting for Change is proud to be fundraising to support some of these graduates in their endeavours to attend the University of Nairobi. You can learn more about the incredible story of Dr Kakenya Ntaiya here.

For the third year in a row, some of the funds raised in BBL06 will also support 500 new scholarships for the SPRJ Kanyashala Trust College, in Mumbai, India. Batting for Change founder Ryan Carters visited this college in 2015 and you can see the difference the scholarships are making in this video Ryan made during his time there.

Now in its second year, a portion of the funds raised in BBL06 will also support scholarships for 100 young women in rural Sri Lanka, who are entering their second year of tertiary studies after the life-changing opportunities provided by the fundraising on BBL05.

We are so proud to be able to support all of these remarkable women, and grateful for every dollar donated to Batting for Change to aid us in what we do. Thank you to every single supporter, and Smash em Sixers!

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