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Cricketer Stephen O’Keefe visits SPRJ Kanyashala Trust College in Mumbai

While the Australian touring cricket team were playing a warm up game in Mumbai, Batting for Change ambassador Stephen O’Keefe also took time to visit SPN Doshi Women’s College in Ghatkopar, a project of the LBW Trust.

“Upon arrival I was greeted by Meena who is the head of the college and she explained to me that her grandfather had started the college. It began as a college with only 7 students, now that number is well over 7000” said Stephen.

Stephen was greeted by the students and beneficiaries of the Batting for Change initiative and The LBW Trust. A young woman explained the stories of some of the students, in English and in Hindi. She described what education and a scholarship meant to them. They dreamt of being professors, animators, school teachers, accountants, lawyers and nurses.

“This took courage, and it was the women’s resilience and gratitude that resonated most. Some were brought to tears, as was I, as they explained that due to financial and other difficulties at home most of them would not have access to fulfil their dreams if not for these scholarships” said Stephen. “Some had sick parents or family members, some had parents who had passed away and some girls worked full time outside of their studying commitments just to provide for their families and themselves”.

“Seeing first-hand the difference that everyone in the BFC family is making to these young women's future and the power of education made me realise just how important the work is that we are doing and will continue to do. We are all changing lives and I couldn't be prouder to be a part of BFC.” A moving and inspiring visit for Stephen.

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