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The LBW Trust and Dr Kakenya Ntaiya

Updated: Jan 2

In celebration of International Women's Week, The LBW Trust is bringing Dr Kakenya Ntaiya, a globally recognised entrepreneur and international women's rights advocate, to Australia as one of this year's keynote speakers for International Women's Day in Australia.

Dr Ntaiya now runs an international foundation based on her ground-breaking school in Kenya which is leveraging education and knowledge to change the lives of marginalised girls. She will share with us her stories about the enormous change that education can bring in the life of a young girl, including her journey from being a young village girl to a globally recognised education expert.

Dr Ntaiya is a remarkable educational visionary and is currently working with the LBW Trust to fundraise for scholarships to send 23 young women to university in Kenya. This will assist in combating the cultural practices of early marriage and female genital mutilation in parts of Kenya, where 25% of all Kenyan girls are married by the time they are 15, and 78% of all Maasai women are still circumcised.

Dr Ntaiya is lighting the path for change in Kenya, and inspiring a new generation of girls to expand their horizons and realise their full potential.

If you would like to help The LBW Trust support the graduating students from Kakenya’s Centre for Excellence to fulfil their dreams of going to university then you can make a tax-deductible donation.

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