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King's for Change

What a day today was! A narrow victory to the Batting for Change XI in the second Annual #kingsforchange match under sunny skies, with some very good and some equally questionable cricketing skill on display!

A huge thank you to our BFC XI: Nick Larkin, Will Somerville, Chris Green, Bernard Foley, Paul Gallen, Ned Hannigan, Jason Little, Isabella Fitzgibbon, Nic Bills, the amazing Kings teachers and not least, to our captain Ed Cowan, for leading the charge and reminding us post-match that it is important to remember what a privilege it is to have access to education like we do in Australia, and to use that as a reminder to help those we can to have opportunities such as ours.

A huge thank you to The King’s School First XI and to the King’s School Cricketing community, parents, staff and friends who made today such a wonderful event. We are so proud to continue to partner with TKS in our vision of levelling the global playing field in education.

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