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The 12th Annual LBW Trust Dinner

Updated: Jan 3

The 12th Annual LBW Trust Dinner was held at the Sydney Cricket Ground on February 24, 2018. After a brief delay in access to the field of play to allow Moises Henriques the opportunity to score a century for NSW in the Sheffield Shield, the dinner was a resounding success.

Those in the room will likely never forget the heartfelt stories of Linet Momposhi and Sharon Tiyo, two of the graduates of the Kakenya Center for Excellence who will be undertaking study in Australia in 2018, at Western Sydney University and UTS, supported by Urban Nest and Campus Living Villages.

The stories of these girls and Dr Kakenya Ntaiya in conversation with Eleanor Hall were an incredible reminder that the support of The LBW Trust really can create change in the lives

of individuals and communities in the developing world.

A huge thanks to Guest of Honour, Sir Richard Hadlee, who spoke with great honesty and candour about his playing career and life thereafter. If you’d like to relive his wonderful conversation with Mike Coward, you can do so here.

Thanks to Kachink Photography, attendees of the event can view photographs from the evening on The LBW Trust Facebook page.

We hope you will continue to support The LBW Trust in our mission to transform lives through education.

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