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Women for Change launches mentorship program

Women for Change has launched the innovative Standing on Our Shoulders program. The program seeks to empower and mentor talented professional women and students in business organisations in Australia, to provide them with leadership skills and to engage them in philanthropy. It’s a progressive and innovative mentoring program for those who want to support positive change through education.

The program is focused on creating a space for emerging business-women to raise money, with coaching and support from successful Australian women. Money raised supports LBW causes that will significantly improve the lives of women and girls in developing countries through education, and currently supports the Kakenya’s Dream scholarship program. In its inaugural fundraising efforts, our three SoOS teams have been encouraged to think outside the box, to engage in fundraising that is fun and rewarding as well as benefiting our valuable work. At Macquarie Bank, a Spelling Bee saw 8 of the 11 divisions of the Sydney office training their brains to compete whilst raising money. Teams at PwC and OPR have engaged their networks to create events throughout Vivid, a keynote breakfast with Julie Bishop, and will soon host a benefit concert featuring Melbourne duo Wolf and Willow. Tickets for the concert can be purchased here.

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