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Progress updates from LBW Trust partners

The LBW Trust is pleased to hear of several positive progress updates from some of its partnerships abroad, including from Prerana in Bangalore, India and So They Can in Tanzania.

In August, patron Greg Chappell took time out from his Australia A coaching duties to visit our partner Prerana in Bangalore, India. Greg had this to say about his visit:

“The connection with Prerana is an excellent one. They do very good work for some of the most disadvantaged young men and women which will have a profound effect, not only them but future generations. The staff, parents and students that I met were extremely positive and left me with the feeling that the support from LBW is much appreciated and being used for good in these communities.”

The Mamire Teachers' Training College, run by our partner So They Can, has just been ranked the top teachers' training college in Tanzania. This impressively comes just six years after the college was established. The LBW Trust supports over 50 students p.a. to gain practical teaching experience as interns on completion of their degree - helping the student to be "job ready". Trust Director and Chair of the Education Committee Penny Verdich returned recently to Tanzania to continue her Masterclass coaching sessions at the College, and assist with strategic planning. Penny's trip is once again generously sponsored by Growth Coaching International.

"So They Can was a theoretical concept 10 years ago. To see our Aberdare School students in Kenya achieve a 100% transition to secondary school last year and now our Mamire Teachers' College ranking first nationally, out of 79 public and private colleges, evidences that we are achieving our objective of empowering some of the poorest children in Africa through education." - Cass Treadwell, So They Can CEO

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