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Outstanding Achievements for Heartland College

Updated: Jan 3

We are excited to share that Heartland College, The LBW Trust’s partner project in Nepal, has announced several key achievements from 2018.

The most notable of these achievements is that the Nepali Ministry of Education has officially recognised Heartland College’s course in Education as a formal qualification for teaching and has endorsed the college to now act as a formal provider and facilitator of this course at the tertiary level in Nepal.

This formal recognition is quite an accomplishment, as it was only granted to 10 institutions country-wide out of over 1,400 that had applied during the two-year application process.

To be formally recognised, education providers must have incredibly high standards of management proficiency and student academic records. We are proud of Heartland College for meeting such strict requirements. The Education stream of study will join the existing Science stream and Management stream as a course offering for students.

The Heartland College has also excelled at the national level due to the superb overall performance of its students, especially its female students. The college is one of the only institutions in Nepal to actively support youth scholarship education, including for women from marginalised backgrounds.

After this past school year, the top three graduating year 12 students were all female.

Finally, Heartland College is making big strides in both STEM education and community development. The college has begun a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program, which is a project-based learning approach meant to develop critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills in the context of local and broader Nepal. So far, student projects have included the creation of portable solar-powered lights, composting, water filtration, and internet coding and robotics. Additionally, new student-led projects focusing on community development across Nepal include a rubbish and recycling program, a career counselling program, and a school and community library.

The impact of Heartland College doesn’t stop at graduation, however. Alumni data shows that over 85% of 2017 graduates have received full-time employment, with over 70% in their chosen field across careers in Science and Management. A portion of students have also continued their studies at university through scholarships earned due to the excellent academic results they achieved at Heartland College.

The LBW Trust is proud to be a partner of Heartland College, and we hope to continue to support academic excellence there with the help of all of our supporters.

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