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The LBW Trust Annual Dinner

Updated: Jan 3

The 13th Annual LBW Trust Dinner was held last Saturday, 2 March 2019, at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Guests were greeted by a beautiful late afternoon on the field of play, followed by a fun and successful evening.

Our Guest of Honour Mahela Jayawardene also spoke with honesty and insight about his playing career and life thereafter.

Mahela has transformed his greatness on the field into generosity off the field with his charity work, including at The LBW Trust project Foundation of Goodness in Sri Lanka.

After the Dinner, Mahela said, "I so appreciate all the good work you are doing through the Trust. It was my honour to be at your event and to see how many lives the Trust has touched all over the world."

Everyone in the room was impacted by the incredible story of LBW Alumnus Victor Chaitezvi, who is now a leading entrepreneur in South Africa. As Victor said:

"Imagine if I hadn't been allowed to start at university... Although you are only seeing me, standing behind me are thousands of lives that have been changed because of your support."

In addition to Victor's business interests, he also supports several students at The LBW Trust project Sports Skills for Life Skills in Cape Town.

Thanks to Kachink Photography, you can view photos from the evening on our Facebook page.

The success of the Annual Dinner, and all of our year-round efforts, would not be possible without the contributions of our supporters and guests. We hope you will continue to support The LBW Trust and our mission to transform lives through education.

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