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The LBW Trust | 2023 Annual Dinner

Updated: Jan 1

The LBW Trust's Annual Dinner has been an essential cornerstone of the organisation's calendar since its establishment in 2006. For 17 years, the event has not only served as a significant fundraising platform but also as a celebration of the incredible community that has coalesced around The LBW Trust's purpose to level the global playing field in education.

Doltone House: A Move Worth Celebrating

In a departure from tradition, the 2023 Annual Dinner witnessed a change in location to the elegant halls of Doltone House in Sydney's CBD. The overwhelming response and unanimous acclaim from our attendees declared it as the most memorable and exceptional event in our history. The change in setting heralded a new future in the Annual Dinner's legacy.

Gratitude to Those Who Made the Dinner a Success

On behalf of The LBW Board, there are so many people to thank who contributed to making the event the success it was.

Capturing Moments of Celebration

Sarah Alwan and Stephen Leonard deserve special commendation for their dedication to encapsulating the essence of the evening through their exceptional photography and videography.

Guiding the Night with Grace

A massive thank you to our MCs, Sam and Ian from The Grade Cricketer, whose wit and charm steered the event, ensuring an evening of laughter and engagement.

Stories of Resilience and Hope

The poignant and inspiring stories shared by Benafsha and Nilab showcased unwavering courage and ignited hope for a brighter future, touching the hearts of everyone present.

Insightful Conversations on Leadership

Gratitude is extended to Justin Langer, whose profound insights on leadership, integrity, and resilience in an interview with our Founding Director, Mike Coward, enriched the event.

Adding Spirit and Joy

The entertainment provided by Blake Bowden and Scot Finnie added immeasurable joy and exuberance, enhancing the evening's atmosphere.

Behind-the-Scenes Champions

The tireless efforts of the organizing committee members, Emma, Euan, Phill, and the event helpers—Jasmine, Kathryn, Miranda, Kym-Maree, Stephen, Sarah, and Julian—were instrumental in the seamless success of the event.

Appreciation to Sponsors and Education Partners

The LBW Trust extends sincere thanks to our sponsors whose support was invaluable in making the evening a success: Arcadia Healthcare, Reform Construction, Pacific Equity Partners, Troy Douglas and Nexba and Allen and Unwin.

We also express our gratitude for the presence of our esteemed education partners—Cisarua, Heartland, and CandleAid—whose collaboration is pivotal in achieving our mission.

As we reflect on the Annual Dinner, we are more determined than ever in our pursuit of levelling the global playing field in education.

We express our deepest gratitude to everyone who played a part in making this event a tremendous success. Together, we are a force of change and progress in levelling the global playing field in education.

Get Involved in Levelling the Global Playing Field in Education

Join The LBW Trust's mission to level the national and global playing field in education.

With heartfelt thanks,

The LBW Trust

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