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Recap: LBW Trust's 2024 T10 Perth and Sydney

Updated: Apr 11

The LBW Trust (Learning for a Better World) believes that education is the pathway to a better future.

T10 Cricket Tournament | Randwick Racecourse, Sydney

Supporters, players and volunteers met at Sydney's Randwick Racecourse on March 15th, 2024 for the Annual T10 Cricket Tournament.

Amidst laughter, camaraderie, and fierce competition, BuildCorp emerged as the champions, edging out PEP by a narrow margin of 51 1/2 to 49. 

Congratulations to both teams for an exhilarating final match. We'd also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all participating teams - Innowell, Indara/Oracle, TDM, and Langston Larrikans - for making the event a success.

A special shoutout goes to Roly Clifton-Bligh from TDM, who claimed both the title of Player of the Tournament and Catch of the Day for his sensational catch - a true highlight of the day's action. 

You can relive the excitement by browsing through the event photos captured here.

Most importantly, with your incredible support, we raised over $58,000 for our educational projects in developing nations and Australian country libraries.

The generosity from the day will play a significant role in ensuring that education is the pathway to a better future.

Great Event = Great People

Events such as this are great because of the great people working hard.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers: James and Ash for their stellar efforts as umpire and commentator; Bruce and Annie on video and camera; Madeleine and Ange for set-up, greeting and food prep; and Peter and Lauren on the BBQ. 

T10 Cricket Sydney The LBW Trust
Peter Buscall and Lauren Coates on BBQ

Also thank you to our cricketing superstars - Benafsha, Shafiqa and Tooba who travelled up from Canberra for the day. Despite all the hardships they face from living in exile from their home in Afghanistan, these three young women continue to shape a better future and play a great game. 

Thank you to our sponsors Nexba and Hawkes Brewing Co. for providing much-enjoyed refreshments.

T10 Cricket Tournament | Ascot Racecourse, Perth

One week later on March 22nd 2024, another great T10 Cricket Tournament at Ascot Racecourse Perth.

The support and enthusiasm of the participants truly made the event unforgettable. A massive thank you goes out to all the players, organisers, volunteers, sponsors and organisers who showed up and made it a day to remember.

We also want to thank The LBW Trust's Dean Phillips, the man who brought all the moving parts of the day together. Dean, you are a champ.

  • Alyssa Williamson, Tony Favazzo, Brock Neeling and the Team from Perth Racing

  • Valerie Rowe from Cricket Australia

  • Paul Lange from Smokey Q Rubs & Sauces

  • Amelia Park Lamb

  • Luke Wimbridge from Southern Cricket/Batfast

  • Commonwealth Bank

  • Wesfarmers

  • Xsights Digital Pty Ltd

  • NBYC Volunteers including Paul Sefton, Robert Tracey, John Phillips and Bill Maher

  • Brad Hogg

  • Dr Jags Krishnan MLA

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The LBW Trust


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