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A night of thanks with Women for Change

Recently at PWC, a gathering of Mentors, Donors, Sponsors and close friends of Women for Change came together to celebrate the wonderful milestones of the initiative, made possible by so much generous support and engagement.

Over the last two years, we have been humbled by how we have been able to grow in our vision to provide an education to deserving young women from rural Kenya. Through our support, their communities are also developing a new voice and direction.

On the night, our attendees heard first-hand from our three international students in Sydney: Sharon, Peyian, and Linet. They shared their reflections, challenges, and delights of their first six months in Sydney. We also heard that the 21 students undertaking tertiary education in Kenya are all progressing well in their studies.

Our thanks to the mentors who attended for sharing their experiences, we are extremely grateful for all of your knowledge and assistance. Thank you also to the University of Sydney, University of Western Sydney and UTS for attending the event and your generous support of Sharon, Peyian and Linet.

There were also several representatives from the Standing on our Shoulders program present on the night. This was a flagship initiative for Women for Change in 2018, both in terms of fundraising and also concerning the development and engagement of women with a purposeful cause.

We will shortly be launching an expanded Standing on our Shoulders program for 2019 - watch this space!

Whilst Kakenya could not be with us on this night, we continue to be amazed by her tenacity to bring about change for girls. Our vision over the coming year is to raise further funds to support the next generation of big dreamers in the graduating year of 2019, with a further 24 students heading to university in Kenya.

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