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Energising Lives: Remarkable Results from Nepal's Heartland Centre

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

We are thrilled to share an exciting update regarding the final outcomes of the national year 12 college/tertiary assessments in Nepal. These assessments mark the culmination of a student's journey through tertiary education in Nepal and play a crucial role in determining their final graduating marks.

This academic year, we had the privilege of witnessing the incredible achievements of 61 grade 12/plus 2 students who sat for these exams across various streams. The results are nothing short of remarkable, reflecting not only their dedication but also the transformative power of education and support.

Exceeding Expectations: Achieving Excellence

The most astonishing news we have to share is that all of our students achieved scores above 90% in these final assessments. The top percentage was an impressive 92.4%, a testament to the hard work and commitment of both students and educators alike. Such outstanding results are a reflection of the rigorous efforts put forth by these students, as well as the dedicated support they received.

Overcoming Challenges: A Journey of Transformation

To fully appreciate the significance of these achievements, it's important to consider the context in which these students thrive. Many of them hail from low-caste backgrounds, including the Dalit castes, and faced significant obstacles before joining our educational community at Heartland. It's heartening to note that many of these students had missed years of education prior to receiving scholarships and enrolling with us. For some, English and even the national Nepali language were unfamiliar territories. In light of these challenges, their accomplishments shine even brighter.

Furthermore, a considerable number of these students will be the first in their families to attain any form of higher education, let alone at a nationally recognized tertiary level. This not only transforms their own lives but also has the potential to break the cycle of limited opportunities for their families and communities.

Beyond Expectations: Surpassing National Pass Rates

Another remarkable aspect of these achievements is the comparison with the national pass rates for these exams. Across Nepal, the pass rate for these assessments is less than 51%. In stark contrast, every single one of our students not only passed but achieved scores of 90% or higher. This accomplishment is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach, the dedication of our educators, and the resilience of our students.

A Future of Possibilities: Continuing the Journey

With these exceptional results in hand, our students are poised for even greater opportunities. Some have chosen to retake specific exams in pursuit of even higher scores. This determination to constantly improve is a true reflection of their commitment to their education and personal growth.

As we move forward, we are dedicated to supporting our students as they transition into higher education or the workforce, in pursuit of their dreams and aspirations. Our focus remains on empowering these remarkable individuals to shape their destinies and contribute positively to their communities.
Expanding Horizons: New Milestones

In addition to the astounding achievements of our grade 12 students, we're also excited to share news about the expansion of our educational initiatives. Year 11 classes have been formally introduced at the Heartland Centre for Women (HCW) and the Heartland Academy's existing college sector. HCW is now offering classes in Law, Management, and Health Science, with 20 passionate enrollees. Similarly, Heartland College has welcomed over 100 new students across various sectors, including Science, Business Management, and Education.

Notably, our Education stream includes around 20 first-year student teachers. This expansion brings the total enrolment at the Heartland College campus to approximately 180 students, all of whom belong to marginalized caste groups and receive scholarships.

A Heartfelt Thank You

None of these achievements would be possible without the unwavering support and belief in the transformative power of education. We extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of our sponsors, patrons and volunteers for showing up to help us empower these bright minds to shine.

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With heartfelt thanks,

The LBW Trust

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