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A Visit from Heartland College

Updated: Jan 3

Last week, Batting for Change and The LBW Trust had the pleasure of welcoming leaders from our partner project Heartland College.

Pat Price (the CEO and Founder of the Center for Learning and Children's Rights), Ram Mishra (Project Coordinator at Heartland College), and Chanda Koirala (School Coordinator at Heartland College) met with LBW Trust directors and supporters to provide updates on the transformational work being done at the institution in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Heartland is working to support students from all castes of society from school age through to tertiary education, including specific focuses on young women, students from rural communities, and students with traumatic childhood backgrounds.

Ram spoke about the benefits of welcoming students from remote areas of Nepal to Heartland: "The main purpose is to enhance the students from remote areas so that they will return after completing their courses and work to improve their local communities."

Pat shared more about the impact Batting for Change has had on students at Heartland:

"A significant number of students in Nepal have benefited from our partnership with The LBW Trust, in terms of completing their tertiary education and finding meaningful employment post-graduation."

Batting for Change and the LBW Trust have worked with Heartland College since 2011 to fund the construction of facilities and scholarships for its tertiary program. Heartland continues to make a significant impact, including becoming certified for an Education stream at the tertiary level.

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