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New Teachers get Intern Opportunities in Tanzania

Updated: Jan 3

Here's a reminder of the impact that your support can have on tertiary students from cricket-playing nations.

Meet Baraza Shana, who is the Head Teacher at Ayamango Primary School. Financial Support from The LBW Trust enabled our partner, 'So They Can' to place two female intern teachers at her school in January 2021.

Baraza Shana told us:

"Before they came to this school there were few female teachers. Since they began, they have helped female students by being around and listening to the challenges that girls face in the school environment and when they are at home.
For example, one sixth grader was threatened on their way to school by teenagers, but with support from the interns, the student was able to raise it and bring it to the office - subsequently, the issue has now been solved.
Working together the teacher interns have created a variety of games and have formed a school Scouts Group where students are currently having fun. Even when they are on the line in the morning, it is a good thing that has attracted students and also parents.
Before the interns started, we did not have a third-grade English teacher. Thankfully the interns are helping us solve this shortage and our students are now learning and developing a good awareness of English.
In general, I thank you for giving us these teachers as they have made a huge difference here at the school."

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