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Phill Muhlbauer's Journey with The LBW Trust: A Legacy of Impact and Dedication

Updated: May 13

The LBW Trust (Learning for a Better World) believes that education is the pathway to a better future.


Embarking on a Purposeful Path

Reflecting on my time with The LBW Trust, I can't help but marvel at the journey that led me here. As someone who played cricket until age 40, my love for the game and belief in the power of education naturally drew me to this remarkable organization. It was an honour to join the Board in January 2016, thanks to the support of Link Market Services, who have been steadfast sponsors since the Trust's inception.

Driving Initiatives for Change

During my tenure, I was heavily involved with sponsorship initiatives, particularly through Link Market Services, which played a pivotal role in underwriting tables for the annual dinner over the years. Engaging local cricket clubs, sporting communities, and corporate partners in the Trust's activities was a fulfilling aspect of my role. As a Board member, my focus on corporate fundraising and sponsorships allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the Trust's mission.

A Journey of Purpose and Impact

Being part of The LBW Trust Board was more than just a position; it was a profound journey of purpose and impact. The knowledge that our collective efforts were transforming the lives of young individuals and entire communities filled me with a deep sense of fulfilment.

The personal stories shared through the Trust were inspiring and deeply moving. Collaborating with fellow board members to explore innovative ways to support our cause was a highlight of my experience.

Memories that Resonate

While there were countless memorable moments throughout my journey, two stand out vividly in my mind. One was my visit to the SPRK School in Mumbai, where I had the opportunity to interact with first-generation learners and witness the transformative power of education firsthand. Reading student applications from families in Mumbai's slum areas was a poignant reminder of the profound impact of our work.

Another unforgettable experience was meeting Dr Kakenya Ntaiya and hearing her impassioned vision for empowering girls in Kenya through education and freedom from violence.

Continuing the Journey

As I bid farewell to my role on The LBW Trust Board, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful endeavour. While my journey with the Trust ends, my commitment to giving back remains unwavering. As I continue my volunteer football coaching and mentorship in the venture capital space, I look forward to supporting charitable causes and making a difference wherever I can.

The LBW Trust will always hold a special place in my heart, and I am proud to have been part of its legacy of impact and dedication.


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