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Refugee Teacher Training in Indonesia

Updated: Jan 3

The LBW Trust is proud to have partnered with the University of Technology, Sydney, supporting UTS academics to conduct teacher training programs for volunteer teachers (refugees themselves) in Afghan Refugee Learning Centres in West Java, Indonesia.

The teachers will then teach refugee children while their families await the long process of resettlement.

The funding will enable consistent and planned delivery of teacher training twice per year over in 2020 and it is hoped for the following two years.

This longer-term funding will enable the progressive development of knowledge and skills, alongside the incorporation of specialist knowledge areas such as adolescent development, mental health and health education among a selection of teachers volunteering at four learning centres in the Cisarua region of West Java.

These teachers will then use a train-the-trainer model to share knowledge and skills with all teachers in their schools. Through working with these four schools, the project will reach approximately 700 refugee children and 60 volunteer teachers.

Click here to read more about our new partnership.

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