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The LBW Trust's Impact- Student Profile

Updated: Jan 3

My name is Gajendra. I’m 30 years old and I live in Raipur, in central India. This is my education story…

After graduating from high school, it was difficult to get a job because of the pandemic and the lockdown. The team at Yuva Parivartan visited my area and explained that they offer support for education and job seeking.
I enrolled myself in the Medical Laboratory Technician course which was very interesting. The faculty taught us very well. The staff and the environment at Yuva Parivartan are very good.
I completed my course in March 2021 and now I am working with Indu Clinical Laboratory as a technician and earning Rs. 8000/- per month. I am very happy that now I can take care of my family’s needs.
Thanks to Yuva Parivartan and The LBW Trust for giving me a second chance."

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