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The Story of Madu

Updated: Jan 3

Madu’s Story

When Madu was just three, her mother became her sole carer, also inheriting the responsibility of providing for her elderly grandparents.

Working as a labourer in plantations and factories to earn an unreliable income, Madu’s mother scraped by, never relenting in her commitment to educating her daughter to create a better future. Madu inherited this determination, and despite significant hurdles, went on to gain entry to University to study a Bachelor of Science in Computation and Management.

Throughout her studies, Madu was supported by The LBW Trust and Batting for Change, in partnership with Sri Lankan NGO CandleAid.

Upon graduation, Madu needed to find a job, to assist her mother in providing for their elderly relatives, in addition to creating a future for herself. Madu undertook The LBW Trust/Batting for Change English Preparation and Personal Development course, to hone her skills as a job applicant.

After setting out one morning at 5 am to make a journey of over three hours to reach Colombo for interviews, we’re pleased to say that Madu has now gained employment and is investing in her family and her community.

Before the year is out, we’d love for you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us reach our goal of supporting 170 students like Madu, whose lives and communities truly are changed by education.

Happy New Year, and thanks for sharing our vision to level the global playing field in education.

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