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Trivia for Change

On Friday, 14 June, 120 trivia-tragics and LBW Trust supporters gathered in the SCG Members Bar and Dining Room for the inaugural 'Trivia for Change' event. Rounds of questions ranged from pop-culture to niche history, and everything in between. A particularly popular round was "Around the World of The LBW Trust", where punters were asked to guess everything from the populations of LBW Trust partner countries, to identifying the national anthems of each country in which we have a project (simple, really!).

The night was a great success, with more than $12,000 raised in support of our vision to level the global playing field in education. A huge thank you to Deb and Peter Garrett for hosting the event and creating the quiz, to the SCG Trust for donating the venue and staff services, and to all who brought brains, platters and enthusiasm to this inaugural event. We'll be back next year with a bang!

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