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Meet Encompass, a new Sponsor of The LBW Trust

Updated: Jan 3

The LBW Trust is delighted to announce that Encompass will join us in 2022 as a major sponsor of the 16th LBW Trust Annual Dinner.

Encompass provides corporate Know Your Customer due diligence on demand, enabling regulated firms to detect and mitigate financial crime and reduce regulatory risk more effectively than ever before. Encompass are an Australian company with a big footprint in the UK where they work with key banks and law firms. It seems particularly appropriate to have Encompass by our side this summer, as Australia does battle with England for the Ashes.

Phillip Muhlbauer, LBW Trust Board member, said of Encompass' involvement:

"Roger Carson (co-founder of Encompass) has personally been a staunch and loyal supporter of the LBW Trust for many years.
A strong believer of Learning for a Better World, Roger was again deeply moved after last years annual dinner and thought it was timely that management and staff of Encompass throw their support behind the Trust and its students.
We are immensely grateful for the sponsorship of Encompass and appreciate their support in making a true difference to the lives of so many students."

Encompass’s support of The LBW Trust Annual Dinner is an incredible addition to this key event on our fundraising calendar. We are looking forward to celebrating our summer fundraising achievements while supporting the tertiary education of students in developing cricket-playing nations.

Roger Carson, co-founder of Encompass, said:

“It is our privilege to support The LBW Trust and its important work by sponsoring the upcoming annual dinner. This really is a worthwhile cause, which provides an educational lifeline to those who need it most.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly, so many people in the countries it reaches have faced unimaginable situations, and it is vital that the Trust continues on this mission, which is more important now than ever before.”

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With heartfelt thanks,

The LBW Trust

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