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Working through the Pandemic At Heartland College, Nepal

We have recently been informed that the Nepalese government is recommending that learning remain online for Nepalese students until the end of their educational year (this will take us to March next year). As Heartland remains closed for face to face classes, the students continue their learning remotely using zoom and google meetings. Whilst the teaching staff have been incredible and so adaptable, it has still been a struggle for many students and their families. Throughout the pandemic period the Heartland Alumni Network Division (HAND) have been delivering weekly on-line tutorial sessions for  teachers and students . One recent session focused on the usability and application of two of the most essential google applications (Google Meet and Google Classroom). This is a great example of former Heartland college students and LBW Trust scholarship recipients continuing to give back and use the innovative skills developed through education facilitated at Heartland to lead and build capacity during this time of crisis. One of our students commented  “We are following the guidelines provided by the department of health and government of Nepal. Our classes are running through internet or online classes. I am learning through different YouTube videos and Google notes. Now I’m living in the College hostel and the necessary materials for online classes are provided. In online classes we get suggestions about corona virus and its preventive measures. The lockdown is increasing day by day and many people are affected by corona virus and are losing their life, but I’m trying to be safe from this virus.”

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