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Yuva Parivartan: Educating Lives, Building Futures

Updated: Mar 11

The LBW Trust's support since 2012 is a testament to the effectiveness of Yuva Parivartan's programs. Despite initial debates about the 'short course' model meeting criteria for tertiary education, The LBW Trust was impressed with the Kherwadi Social Welfare Association's professionalism and Yuva Parivartan's extensive reach.

The LBW Trust's unwavering commitment to vocational training aligns seamlessly with Yuva Parivartan's mission, solidifying a partnership that continues to make a meaningful impact.

Building Futures through Educational Opportunities

In the heart of the Kherwadi Social Welfare Association's legacy, Yuva Parivartan emerges as a beacon of hope and change. The visionary goal is to create opportunities for school dropouts and underprivileged youth, Yuva Parivartan's mission is clear: to offer a second chance through urban and rural livelihood training programs, fostering self-employment and wage opportunities in collaboration with stakeholders.

Established in 1998 and formally launched by former President APJ Kalam in 2003, YP has, over the last 24 years, touched the lives of more than 1.25 million underprivileged youth and women. The organisation's success lies in its tailored course content, flexible timings, and practical training, allowing students to earn a livelihood within 15-90 days.

Innovating for Inclusion

Yuva Parivartan's commitment to inclusivity goes beyond urban areas, reaching rural and peri-urban regions through innovative training delivery models. The Livelihood Development Centres (LDCs) serve as territorial hubs, conducting short-term livelihood-oriented courses.

These centres are strategically located in slums or backward areas, to mobilize students within a 7 to 10-kilometer radius. Beyond this range, Spoke Networks are established, catering to areas 50-100 kilometres away, ensuring that even the most remote youth can access skill-building opportunities.

Project Progress and Impact

The Livelihood Training Program, focusing on vocational skills for underprivileged youth in Aurangabad and Bengaluru, has seen significant progress. As of December 31, 2023, against a target of 150 youth, 152 were enrolled, with 116 in Bengaluru having completed the training and certifications. Notably, 85 youth from Bengaluru are now earning livelihoods, and 12 in Aurangabad are linked to livelihoods.

The courses, including Basic Computer Skills, Account Executive/Tally, and Nursing Assistant training, contribute to enhancing the socio-economic profile of underprivileged youth in these regions. However, challenges persist, particularly in remote areas where logistics pose a hurdle.

Tracking Alumni and Gender Justice

Yuva Parivartan's commitment doesn't end with training. A robust system for tracking alumni has been implemented, collecting data during enrollment, training, and livelihood linkages for ongoing review and monitoring.

A dedicated call centre measures the social impact of the training and monitors student progress. Counselling sessions, both during and post-training, create a supportive network, encouraging continued engagement.

The organisation's dedication to gender justice is reflected in the enrollment statistics, with an impressive 78% of the targeted 152 enrollments being women.

Given that 70% of beneficiaries are generally women, this statistic becomes even more significant, addressing the challenges of lower literacy rates among young women.

Moving Towards Sustainability

Yuva Parivartan's model, though reliant on donor support, is tried and true. The strong links with communities, known as Friends of YP, provide a foundation for sustainability. The organization envisions contributions or fundraising from ex-students to enhance sustainability, acknowledging the importance of evolving beyond donor dependence.

Governance, Responsiveness, and Trust

Clear and transparent governance practices, reflected in up-to-date annual reports available on the website, showcase Yuva Parivartan's commitment to accountability. The organization's responsiveness, attention to detail, and accuracy enhance its marketability to donors. Financial effectiveness is evident, with success stories, videos, and a focused approach to maximising the impact of every dollar.

The strength of relationships and trust, a cornerstone for successful partnerships, is exemplified by the enduring connection between Mike Coward and Suresh Lulla. While leadership changes have occurred, the current contact, Aparna Chalke, demonstrates a business-like approach and a keen interest in building connections with the new team.

In the journey ahead, Yuva Parivartan remains steadfast in its mission. The next steps involve enrolling the remaining targets and linking students to livelihoods.

As the organisation continues to transform lives, the collective efforts of YP, its stakeholders, and supporters like The LBW Trust are sowing the seeds for a more equitable and empowered future.

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