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Terms & Conditions

We set out below the terms and conditions that apply to your use of The LBW Trust website and any associated promotional services (together, Promotion). Your continued participation in the Promotion indicates to us that you agree with these conditions:

  • Content Posted by Us – The LBW Trust owns or licenses from third parties all of the trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property that exists in the Promotion, including The LBW Trust, Batting for Change, Women for Change and National Backyard Cricket logos.  You must not copy or reproduce in any form any of the graphics, logos or other material from the Promotion unless you have our specific permission.  If you believe that someone else is using your copyright or trademark without your permission, please contact us at  to report the infringement.

  • Content Posted by You – Any content that you post to our website (e.g. photos, videos and comments) is your responsibility, and you must make sure that you have the necessary rights to post that content (e.g. by obtaining permission of copyright owners if necessary).

  • Our Website – We need your help to keep the website and the Promotion safe and positive. You agree you will not collect users’ content using automated means. You also agree to not post any content that infringes or violates someone else’s rights, or otherwise violates the law, or that is hateful, insulting, threatening, pornographic or violent.

  • Nature of Promotion – the LBW Trust website provides a forum for you to donate to the LBW Trust to further its work in promoting the projects described on the website. For donations made by way of pledge, we will contact you to obtain payment of the amount pledged. You are not under an obligation to pay the amount pledged. A pledge to donate, or payment of a donation, is not a contract for services and does not create any obligations between The LBW Trust nor any of the persons involved in the Promotion, and you.

  • Tax Deductibility – Any donations in connection with the Promotion are made to The LBW Trust, ABN 86 357 910 732. ACN of our Trustee company, LBW (Australia) Ltd: 119 567 289 Registered Charity No.: CFN 20174. The LBW Trust bears full DGR status in Australia, and all donations are tax-deductible, deemed so by the Australian Taxation Office.

  • Disclaimer – We endeavour to keep the Promotion accurate and free of any offensive material.  However, you engage in the Promotion site at your own risk and we will not be liable for any costs or losses you incur through your participation.

  • Events – if you attend an event hosted in connection with The LBW Trust, you will need to comply with the terms that are printed on the ticket and communicated at the venue.

  • Governing Law – these conditions are made under the law of New South Wales, Australia. The Promotion is conducted in New South Wales under the fundraising authority of LBW (Australia) Ltd, acting as trustee for the LBW Trust.

© 2021 by The LBW Trust.

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