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The LBW Trust
Ashes 2023 Pledge 

Become a Learning for a Better World (LBW Trust) Pledge Legend and help change a life.


Even a small amount can help change a life

  • $50 funds the College entry fees for one of the most vulnerable, aspiring students in India.

  • $175 supports disadvantaged University students in Sri Lanka for a year.

  • $400 supports Afghan refugees displaced in Indonesia gain the skills to become volunteer teachers, able to teach refugee children while they and their families await the long process of resettlement.

  • $1,000 transforms the lives of intern teachers in Tanzania, supporting them as they gain practical classroom experience.


Your pledge, big or small, dramatically changes the lives of disadvantaged students and their families throughout the cricket-playing developing world. Become a Pledge Legend now and help to level the global field in education.

Become an LBW Pledge Legend and make a taxable donation for every LBW given during the Men's & Women's 2023 Ashes Test Series*.

Simply enter the amount you pledge per LBW given during the 2023 Ashes Test Series. At the end of the Series, we will invoice you for your total pledge amount based on the number of LBWs given across the series.



* all 6 Test Matches across the Men's and Women's 2023 Ashes


# For example AB pledges $100 per LBW, at the end of the series 17 LBWs were given, thus AB will be invoiced to donate $1,700 to The LBW Trust.


** AB pledges $100 per LBW up to a maximum of $1,000, at the end of the series 17 LBWs were given, thus AB will donate $1,000 to The LBW Trust.

Total pledges over $2 are tax deductible

Thanks for your pledge, we will invoice you at the end of The Ashes series via email.

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