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Women for Change

Women for Change, a committee of the LBW Trust was established in 2016 with the mission to empower women through education.


We support educational programs for young disadvantaged women in developing countries, driving positive and ongoing change to women, their families and their communities. We also seek to empower and mentor talented professional women and students in Australia and to engage them in philanthropy.

Women for Change is governed by Learning for a Better World (The LBW Trust).

Women for Change has enabled over 70 young women from rural Kenya to achieve tertiary education in Kenya working with local charity, Kakenya’s Dream. In addition, 4 exceptional young Kenyan students have travelled to Sydney, Australia to study on scholarship at leading universities – University of Sydney, UTS and Western Sydney University. 


To ensure future tertiary education opportunities for the graduates of Kakenya’s Center for Excellence, Women for Change has funded an endowment that will be managed locally.

In 2023, Women for Change are broadening their scope of education support to include tertiary students in India and Nepal. In India, Women for Change will work with a local charity in Mumbai to fund and develop 20 exceptional students as part of a key talent program.

In Nepal, Women for Change will work with a local organisation in Kathmandu to provide a ‘Plus 2’ women-only college and teacher training school. This will be supported by a women’s health program.

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When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.

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