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Get involved as a cricket or sports club

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.

B.B. King


Host an Event or Sports Game

Organise a cricket game, movie night, sausage sizzle, canteen fundraiser, board game tournament or Christmas party.


The possibilities are endless!


Enjoy spending time with friends knowing that together you're providing quality education and so much more to vulnerable students around the world.


After the event, donate the proceeds online or via EFT.


Participate in National Backyard Cricket

Cricket Clubs to can hold backyard cricket games at their end of season presentation day in March/ April. This would be a great opportunity for everyone to take time out at the end of the season by enjoying a friendly game of backyard cricket.

Or you could have a themed day to end of season presentation day where all players would be encouraged “to wear a crazy cricket hat day for LBW Trust”.


All players could contribute a gold coin to raise money for the LBW Trust.

For more information go to National Backyard Cricket

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