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Get involved as an individual

I don’t know why people have divided the whole world into two groups. West and East. Education is neither eastern nor western. Education is education and it’s the right of every human being.

Malala Yousafzai

Business Meeting

Salary Sacrifice & Matching Programs

Check if your workplace participates in a Workplace Giving program.  The LBW Trust is currently available via both Benevity and good2give workplace giving platforms. Check if your company has a relationship with either of these platforms.


Don’t forget to check if your company has a matching program and double the value of your donation. 

Outdoor Dinner Party

Host a Party

Did you know that for the price of an average dinner out ($50) you could fund the College entry fees for one of the most vulnerable, aspiring students in Orissa, India. In Orissa, 57% of the population live below the poverty line, earning less than $1.90 per day.


Organise a cricket game, dinner party, movie night, BBQ, board game tournament, or Christmas party. The possibilities are endless! Enjoy an evening with friends, knowing that together you're providing quality education and so much more to vulnerable students around the world. After the event, donate the proceeds online or via EFT.


Volunteer with Us

Drop us an email

Tell us a bit about yourself and what skills you can offer through volunteering. 

Donating Money

Donate Online

We are grateful for any contribution you can make to support our work. A one off donation is wonderful. A regular monthly donation is an even greater gift that gives us confidence that we can support our students all year around.


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