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Meet Vidya and Rakshith: Students at Prerana, Mumbai

Updated: Jan 3

Meet Vidya M, Student at Prerana College Bangalore

I’m Vidya, a Prerana student and I have recently completed my engineering at NMIT, Bangalore and joined DXC Technology as an Associate Professional Software Engineer.

I was in my 10th std studying in Bhuvan Vidyalaya, Bangalore where one of my teachers got to know about Prerana they are conducting some tests for 10th std students and selected candidates will be given scholarships. I got a call from Prerana saying that I got selected for the scholarship. At that moment, I felt happy and lucky because by looking at my family’s economic conditions, I was worried about my studies. After my 10th board exams, I got a call from Prerana to attend summer camp. It was a great experience. There we got the opportunity to interact with seniors in Prerana and learn many things from them. They guided us about different paths after 10th and by telling inspirational stories and conducting many fun activities. We had classes on time management, personality development, yoga, communication skills and others which helped us.

After my 10th standard, I decided to join a government college to do my PUC, since my family was unable to pay the fee. But, through Prerana I joined Deeksha which is one of the top colleges in Bangalore to complete my PUC. It was a great experience to study in Deeksha. I was able to score a good rank in CET (7592) and 91.66% in the 2nd PUC. After my PUC, I received a scholarship for four years for my engineering, through which I was able to pay my college fees without any difficulty. I'm thankful to Prerana and my donor LBW Trust for providing the scholarship, without which, I would not have been able to continue with my studies.

Apart from the scholarship, they provided us with the books which were required for PUC. Conducted many workshops and one of them was ILEAP where we learned about Excel and SQL and Data Science, which helped me as I did not have any idea about how to use a laptop at that point. We could borrow a laptop from Prerana for practice, which helped me to complete my college work.

Prerana organised many activities to improve our communication skills. For all this, I want to thank Ram sir, for continuously keeping us inspired and focused by telling us inspirational stories and by conducting technical workshops. I also want to thank Sudha ma’am for her support. I want to say that I’m grateful to Prerana for bringing all these great changes in my life and helping me to improve my confidence level. In Prerana I can always see a positive environment and have always admired that. In the future, I want to help other students in their education. I’m thankful to Prerana for bringing this positive influence on me.

Meet Rakshith Gowda, Student at Prerana

Prerana supported me as a backbone for my education. After completing my SSLC with a distinction of 92%, I joined one of the best colleges with the help of Prerana reference (Chethana PU College with an integrated program. This helped me a lot in gaining the technical knowledge required to crack many competitive exams and learning soft skills. After completing PUC with 89%, I joined BE in Sir MVIT (Electrical and Electronics Engineering). Prerana took all the responsibilities and got me a scholarship from LBW Trust. My father being an electrician and my mother a homemaker, we could not have managed otherwise.

I got placed in one of my dream companies (Continental Autonomous Mobility India). Most of the credits go to the programs that I attended at Prerana(iLEap2) which was initiated by Ram Sir. I am very grateful to him as well as the Prerana team. The time we spent in the Prerana camp was memorable.

My journey with Prerana started in 2015. I feel very proud to be a part of this wonderful organization, which is willing to support young brains who need a little push in their career to be successful. I am always waiting to participate in any programs initiated by Prerana because it gives me so many things to learn. This makes me feel like I am doing something better than many others.

My hobbies are Traveling, Cycling, building small electronic devices, taking on small electrical jobs and fitness.

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