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Congratulations, Heartland College Graduates of 2021!

Updated: Jul 26

As lockdown ends in Nepal, Heartland's first Education stream graduates pass their final national assessments to complete their teaching degree!

We are so proud of their efforts and this significant achievement. These exams have been delayed almost 6 months, but as of the 26th of October, 14 students have graduated with formal, government recognised teaching qualifications.

Founder & CEO of Heartland College, Mr Pat Price says "We have been able to secure full time employment for some of these teachers in villages across Nepal, as well as Heartland itself."

Moreover, other graduates have received high level results in Science and Management streams. This is the first of many excellent outcomes through Heartland's tertiary stream, and is a game changer for positively affecting the quality of in-class teaching and learning in Nepal.

In supporting the LBW Trust, you are taking part in a movement that is changing the world for the better. Help us to level the global playing field in education, and provide much needed funds to education projects like Heartland College, by donating now:

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