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Heartland College are our partners in Nepal helping make a difference

Updated: Jan 3

Prabin and Prabindra Bohara are twins from a very remote area of Nepal. They came to Heartland Academy representing the Bajhang district of far-western state which is about 1,500 KM from Kathmandu. Prabin and Prabindra hailed from a very poor financial background, and on many nights throughout their childhood slept without a roof over their heads with little eat.

Raised by their single mother they attended a local government school and twice were asked to leave based on caste status throughout their educational journey. Somehow, despite these challenges they completed high school.

Through Heartland’s contacts in the Bajhang region they offered both boys an educational scholarship to study their Science and Research degree supported by The LBW Trust’s funding.

The college supported them with intensive language, IT and career counselling programs for 4 weeks prior to formal college commencement, as well as daily post college tuition to help upskill and consolidate their learning.

With this support throughout their studies they successfully completed all course requirements and nationally based assessments securing excellent final marks which was a catalyst to the higher education and further study opportunities that now await them.

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