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Jenny Thompson's Incredible Journey: Her World Cricket Tour

Updated: Jan 3

Jenny Thompson, a passionate writer and talented cricket player, is about on an extraordinary mission - "Her World Cricket Tour." Starting this April, Jenny will travel to more than 50 countries where women's cricket is played. Her goal is to join local teams, play, coach, and mentor female cricketers while documenting her experiences in a book.

The best part? Throughout her incredible journey, Jenny is raising funds for The LBW Trust.

Support Cricket and Education Around the World

Jenny's inspiring journey is not just about cricket; it's also about making a positive impact on education. By supporting the LBW Trust, you contribute to the education of students worldwide. Your generous donations go a long way in empowering deserving individuals to pursue their dreams through education.

Jenny on BBC's Stumped Podcast

Curious to learn more about Jenny and her mission? Catch her recent appearance on BBC's Stumped Podcast. Tune in to hear about her experiences, challenges, and the heartwarming stories she encounters during her world tour.

Jenny recently appeared on BBC's Stumped Podcast, you can hear from her below.

Cricket, Confidence, and Mental Health

Cricket has been an integral part of Jenny's life, offering opportunities and lifelong friendships. Playing the game has boosted her confidence, happiness, and mental well-being, even aiding her in managing chronic anxiety. Cricket has given her an outlet to lose herself and find herself all over again.

A Journey Beyond Cricket

Jenny's "Her World Cricket Tour" is about much more than just the sport. It's a journey of understanding, connecting, and supporting others. Throughout her travels, she aims to learn about different cricket cultures, promote women's cricket, and explore ways to make a positive impact on players' lives.

Join Jenny's Cause

You can be a part of this remarkable journey by supporting Jenny and the LBW Trust. Your contribution will help uplift communities and support young minds around the world.

Donate and Make a Difference

Help Jenny raise funds for the LBW Trust and be a catalyst for change. Every contribution counts in providing educational opportunities and fostering brighter futures for aspiring students.

Jenny's passion for cricket and her dedication to supporting education make this tour truly special. Follow her journey as she plays the game she loves while making a lasting impact on the lives of others. Together, we can champion cricket-related change for women and girls and create a more inclusive world. Let's be a part of Her World Cricket Tour!

In Jenny's Words...

"Cricket has always been part of my family fabric and has given me great opportunities throughout the world – as well as the best friends for life.
Through cricket, I have become more confident, and happier and it’s done wonders for my mental health and self-esteem. I struggle with chronic anxiety – which presents in all kinds of wacky and wonderful ways – and while cricket situations often make me hugely anxious, knowing I have a game in which I can lose myself (and where I’ve found myself) helps a great deal.
I had a decade out from cricket when I was severely burned out from playing, talking and writing about cricket. I couldn’t escape, everything was cricket. It was too much. It was only through coming back to the game in 2021 – and I was hopeless but I kept persisting – that I realised the social and mental health benefits of the game. Before, I had considered it plenty of fun but quite frivolous. I was wrong.
Now I’ve realised the utter importance of the game to the extent of embarking on a world tour. There’s also always time to chat during cricket, which leads to great friendships and camaraderie. And now I want to share that across the globe.
This endeavour is not about me. While of course it will be fun to play as much cricket as possible, and I want to share in that fun with everyone I play alongside and against, I want to learn about others’ lives, see how some things are the same in cricket everywhere, and how things are different.
I want to know how I can help – be that through connecting people promoting teams and organisations or practically on the day. I will only know when I am told.
Cricket-related change for women and girls is at the heart of Her World Cricket Tour and I am looking forward to this enormous journey."

Follow Jenny's World Cricket Travels

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