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Mary K named Women's Agenda's 2019 Emerging Female Leader in Sport

Updated: Jan 3

Photo courtesy of Women's Agenda

The Board of Directors of The LBW Trust would like to extend their congratulations to Director Mary Konstantopoulos, named on Friday as the 2019 Women's Agenda Emerging Female Leader in Sport.

The Founder of Ladies Who League (Legspin/Leap/Lineout/Layout), Mary is a tireless champion of women's sports and has long championed the power of sport to bring about change within our community.

The 2019 Judging panel remarked, "This was an incredibly competitive category and all the women in this arena are worthy candidates.”

“Mary is the definition of a trailblazer. She’s agitating widespread change across all sporting codes and her passion to propel female athletes and women’s sport is exceptional.”

We are immensely proud of Mary's tireless advocacy and grateful she shares our vision to level the global playing field in education.

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With heartfelt thanks, The LBW Trust

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