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How far would you go to help level the global playing field in education? Jane shaved her head!

Updated: Jan 3

We will be forever grateful to Jane Evans; our Chairman's Personal Assistant for daring to shave her head in support of the students of the LBW Trust. Over two months, Jane raised a colossal $40,100.

'Shave Day' was Wednesday 1st December 2021 at Hair @rt in Croydon surrounded by friends. You can watch the recording here Jane's Great Shave using the password pBL8&!ZS.

Her drive and commitment to supporting a good cause inspire us. Donations can still be made on her fundraising page.

Get Involved in Levelling the Global Playing Field in Education

Join The LBW Trust's mission to level the national and global playing field in education.

With heartfelt thanks,

The LBW Trust

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