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Critical Minerals at Play: Shaping a Sustainable Future

Updated: Mar 6

A Sporting Twist to Industry and Philanthropy

In a unique blend of sportsmanship, business, and philanthropy, the Critical Minerals, Mining, and ESG Summit on August 2nd 2024 at Sandalford Winery promises to redefine how industry and charity collaborate to forge a sustainable future.

Hosted by The LBW Trust, renowned for its innovative fundraising through National Backyard Cricket, this summit aims to be a global forum examining crucial issues in Australia's emerging critical minerals sector.

The LBW Trust: Pioneers in Education Through Cricket

The LBW Trust (Learning for a Better World) has been a force in education since 2006, creating opportunities for over 15,000 tertiary students worldwide and funding 170 libraries in regional Australia.

The connection between The LBW Trust and the critical minerals sector is embodied in Sydney venture capitalist and philanthropist Marek Ristwej, an investor-shareholder in industry companies and a Director of the LBW Trust.

Capitalising on Global Demand: The Critical Minerals, Mining, and ESG Summit

As the world looks to Australia to capitalize on the global demand for critical minerals, the Summit will address key drivers, sustainability, and how to maximize benefits for all Australians. With a focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations, the event aims to engage investors, policymakers, and industry experts in a strategic and thorough discussion.

A Unique Blend: T10 Cricket and Sustainability Discussions

The highlight of the Critical Minerals Summit is the T10 Cricket games, where attendees will compete at Sandalford Wines in the Swan Valley on August 2.

This thrilling sporting event serves as the grand finale, contributing to the Trust's impactful work in Australia and abroad. Marek Ristwej sees the Summit as a catalyst, linking two sectors he is personally passionate about.

Redefining Fundraising: Critical Minerals Summit 2024

This is no ‘sit around the table and bid at an auction’ fundraiser.
The Critical Minerals Summit will raise funds for The LBW Trust via sales of tables to attendees but, just as importantly, it will forge a link between this important cause and the people moving and shaking in this important and developing industry.

Shaping the Future: A Paradigm Shift in Fundraising

The LBW Trust envisions the Critical Minerals Summit as a paradigm shift in fundraising, providing a platform for forging new contacts and relationships that transcend the boundaries of sports, business, and philanthropy.

With a focus on strategic execution, Ristwej believes that the impact of the critical minerals industry can extend far beyond economic gains, significantly influencing education both domestically and internationally.

Unveiling Tomorrow - Critical Minerals Summit 2024

In a world where the nexus of sports and charity takes centre stage, the Critical Minerals, Mining, and ESG Summit stands as a testament to The LBW Trust's commitment to creating a sustainable future through unconventional and impactful means.

Join us for the Critical Minerals, Mining and ESG Summit historic as we bat, bowl, and discuss our way to shaping a brighter tomorrow at Sandalford Winery in August 2024.

Learn More about the Critical Minerals, Mining and ESG Summit

The Critical Minerals, Mining and ESG Summit is a global forum examining key issues surrounding this emerging and highly significant sector of Australia’s resources industry.

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