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T10 2024 Cricket Tournament | Melbourne

Updated: Feb 20

Thank you to everyone for their generosity, participation, and spirit at the National Backyard Cricket T10 Tournament, on Friday, February 9th at Melbourne's Flemington Racecourse.

The day was brilliant, and Melbourne turned on perfect weather conditions for cricket.

The best part was that $50,000 was raised which will be used to provide education opportunities for scores of disadvantaged young adults.

Thank you to our Sponsors

  • Hawke's Brewery: Thank you for donating Hawke's Half XPA for our event in Melbourne - the cans were sent home with participants as part of their National Backyard Cricket cooler bag, as seen here with Tinkip from Merricks Capital.

  • SmokeyQ BBQ Sauce: what's a sausage without Smokey BBQ sauce?

Thank you to our participants

Hello World, Merricks Capital, Portland House Group, River Capital, Victorian Racing Club, and the Few-Good-Folk team.

A special thanks

Thank you, Graeme Scott and Ben Quint from VRC for supporting the event and to Mick and the ground staff for preparing the playing field.

The Winners

Congratulations to Adam Klein and the Merricks Capital team for taking home the chocolates this year, beating Hello World in the Final: 64 to 61. 

The LBW Trust Supporters, Team and Ambassadors

And to Danielle Moffitt, Leon O’Farrell, and Emma Bromley, these events take a lot of work on the day, and behind the scenes, to stand them up, thank you.

Get Involved in Levelling the Global Playing Field in Education

Join The LBW Trust's mission to level the national and global playing field in education.

Thank you,

The LBW Trust


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