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Hear from Wasim Akram, Harsha Bhogle, Mitchell Starc & Justin Langer

Updated: Jan 3

Welcome to The LBW Trust's world of cricket, community and education. This blog takes you on a journey through some remarkable moments captured during our Annual Dinners, featuring legendary cricketers, insightful conversations, and the spirit of giving back.

Join us as we highlight key videos from our YouTube channel that showcase the magic of these events.

2023 | Justin Langer - The LBW Trust's Annual Dinner

At The LBW Annual Dinner special guest Justin Langer shared the one question he asked the Dalai Lama and how his answer connects to the purpose of the Trust.

2022 | Harsha Bhogle - The LBW Trust's Annual Dinner

In 2022, we hosted the renowned cricket commentator, Harsha Bhogle, as our guest speaker. His eloquence and cricketing insights added a special touch to the evening, making it a memorable experience for all cricket enthusiasts.

2018 | Sir Richard Hadlee - The LBW Trust's 12th Annual Dinner

Relive the elegance of our 12th Annual Dinner in 2018, featuring the legendary Sir Richard Hadlee. His presence and insights contributed to an unforgettable evening celebrating the intersection of cricket and education.

2017 | Wasim Akram - The LBW Trust's Annual Dinner

Revisit the Annual Dinner of 2017, where the legendary Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram graced the event with his presence. His charming anecdotes and cricketing wisdom left an indelible mark on the audience.

2013 | Kumar Sangakkara - LBW Trust Annual Dinner Pt 1/2 & Pt 2/2

Travel back to 2013 when the charming Kumar Sangakkara took centre stage at our Annual Dinner. Delve into his captivating address, spanning two parts, as he shares his thoughts on cricket, education, and the impact of The LBW Trust.

2013 | Mitchell Starc - LBW Trust Annual Dinner

Australian cricketer Mitchell Starc's participation in the 2013 Annual Dinner added a local flavour to the event. Watch as he reflects on the importance of education and cricket's role in fostering positive change.

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