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2022 Annual Dinner: A Boon for Students in Cricket-Loving Nations

Updated: Jan 3

360 proud guests and wonderful supporters of The LBW Trust gathered at Randwick Racecourse last Friday evening. The crowd was entertained by our amazing guest speakers - Madison De Rozario, Harsha Bhogle, Muzafar Ali, and hosts Sam & Ian 'The Grade Cricketer'.

Madison inspired us with her passion, Harsha entertained us with his insights, and Muzafar left us wondering how we could do more to support education for tertiary students in developing cricket-playing nations.

A picture tells a thousand words and we are delighted to share the official photos from the evening.

Through the generosity of our supporters, this event raised over $200,000 to educate students across the Indian subcontinent, Africa and Afghan refugees. This education provides transformational opportunities to change these students’ lives and the future of their communities.

We are eternally grateful to our major sponsors, Encompass and ABC Bullion for their support of our Annual Dinner, the premier event on our fundraising calendar.

Get Involved in Levelling the Global Playing Field in Education

Join The LBW Trust's mission to level the global playing field in education.

With heartfelt thanks,

The LBW Trust


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